Pizz Customs Network Spotlight: Eye Surrender

Pizz Customs Network: Eye Surrender

Dedicated to providing practical solutions for the everyday fisherman at economical prices, see Eye Surrender‘s various lines of sunglasses or “wraps”.  Available at select local retailers throughout the United States or through their online store.

Tired of hooks in your boat carpet?  Tangled weights and hooks?  Need protection for every size bait imaginable?  Try our network partner Eye Surrender’s bait wraps.  Hooks won’t come through this heavy duty duck cloth.  Made in five different sizes for all sizes of baits from crank baits to large swim baits.

• soft storage for soft baits and hard baits
• keeps soft tails straight and won’t bend, common problem in hard storage boxes
• protects your Pizz Customs painted baits during travel
• small investment to protect hundreds of dollars in tackle

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discount code “pizz10”