Introducing…. The Beast

Pizz Customs Swimbaits are made from the finest quality resins and musky grade hardware. Each Swimbait features a lifelike glass eye and a soft but durable tail to last fish after fish. All Swimbaits are uniquely tuned and tested with the #1 VMC hooks it comes with. If you decide to change the hooks, it may result in a change of sink rate and action.

The Beast is a 2 piece glide style swimbait that offers a wide back and forth motion with a steady reel cadence. A continuous retrieve will swim the bait in a S like pattern.

The Floating model is designed to either wake across the water or dive barely subsurface as it swims. Pause it and the swimbait will float back up to the surface.

The Beast Slow Sink model is ideal for fishing above vegetation and for fish looking to strike a bait in the upper water column. Let your Beast slow sink to the bottom and slow roll it across the bottom.

The Beast Fast Sink model is ideal for fish targeting ground strikes or deeper water applications. The Fast Sink rate of fall is about a foot a second.

6 3/4″ Total Length

Floater Weight 4.0 oz (varies based on exact Float rate)

Slow Sink Weight 4.2 oz (varies based on exact ROF)

Fast Sink Weight 4.5 oz (varies based on exact ROF)